8th March 2012


Proper Tools for Perfect Gardens

Those who have taken up gardening as their favorite hobby will soon realize that maintenance of the garden is the most exciting part of it. Nurturing the plants in a garden is an art. It will require lot of skill also. One has to cut the grass to prevent over-spreading and trim the branches of the plants also. There are various tools one may have to use for the regular gardening work. Splitting axes are traditional gardening tools which are used to cut wood of small sizes. The long handles of these axes are made of strong durable wood and the blades are made of iron, steel or bronze.

The blades are shaped in such a way that when they cut the wood, it will be split to two equal and uniform parts. Being of less weight and small size, it is very comfortable to use this apparatus and also it will not consume much time to cut the wood. The best quality tools will have galvanized finishes and the blades will become sharper after every use. Also, forged carbon steel blades with non-stick coating are more comfortable to use. Splitting axes are virtually unbreakable. The latest brands are with handle which is reinforced with fiberglass. The blade portion is specially moulded so that it will not get loosened. The blades are rust-proof.

Another type of widely used tools for garden maintenance is the garden sprayers. Spraying of herbicides and insecticides are vital for the health of the plant in the garden. Sprayers are used for uniform application of the solutions on the plants. They are available in two different designs – Injection moulded and ribbed blow moulded and compression sprayers are sturdy. The various accessories include multiple nozzle lance booms, pressure regulators and spray shields, etc…. The capacity of tank varies with the brand. The normal capacity will be 4.5 gallons.

Garden sprayers are vital equipments for maintaining the plants and flowers healthy. They are available in different sizes as well as styles. Separate cans are used for spraying insecticides and herbicides. For the application of liquid type pesticides, cans of normal size are used. While light spraying is ideal for flower plants, to destroy thick weeds herbicides are applied forcibly. For application of powder form pesticides on fragile plants, air sprayers are used. When the garden has a larger area and consists of a lot of vegetables and fruit trees, powered motor sprayers are to be used for covering the entire area uniformly.

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